Eternal You


State Theatre - Screen 1 Fri, Jun 14 9:45 PM
State Theatre - Screen 1 Sat, Jun 22 5:00 PM


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Film | Documentary | NR | 1h 27m | 2024
International Documentary: Countries of Origin: Germany, United States
ETERNAL YOU examines the story of people who live on as digital replicants in the pockets of their loved ones. With the help of artificial intelligence and Big Data, a dream comes true that is as old as mankind itself: eternal life. It’s probably the biggest business idea of the digital age. Following tech start-ups which use a wealth of data to develop “digital doppelgangers,” which promise to immortalize people on earth. The film raises a number of questions, such as: Can a digital entity compensate for the loss of a loved one? How will human memory be affected? And do we not have the right to forget? From directors Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck. Presented in English and Korean with English subtitles