In this ghost story based on a folk tale of feudal Japan, a group of samurai mercenaries led by Raiko Minamoto (Kei Satô) storm the home of Yone (Nobuko Otowa) and her daughter, Shigei (Kiwako Taichi), pillaging their food before raping and murdering the pair and finally burning the house down. When the samurai are set upon by vengeful vampire-like ghosts, it falls to the warrior Gintoki (Kichiemon Nakamura) to slay the malicious spirits, but his connection to the victims leads to conflict. . Presented in Japanese with English subtitles

Curator's note: This eerie mood-piece adapts a medieval folk tale, one of many that feature cats. Shindo draws on some of the stagecraft of kabuki and Noh theater, rendering his story in beautiful black-and-white photography.
NR | 1h 39m | 1968 | Part of the U-M Center for Japanese Studies Winter 2024 Film Series