Missing in Brooks County



Seventy miles north of the Mexican-US border lies Brooks County, Texas. As the national debate over immigration policy simmers to a boil, its practical consequences are felt in Brooks County every day. The site of an estimated 3000 deaths since 2008, migrants choose this route to circumvent the state’s busiest interior immigration checkpoint and find themselves diverted by a military-style barricade that leads them into the surrounding harsh desert terrain. As a result, between 300 and 600 migrants succumb to dehydration and exposure here every year. Only one in five is ever found. Missing in Brooks County follows the journey of two families who come to look for their loved ones, only to find a mystery that deepens at every turn. The film is a deeply humane portrait of the human rights workers, activists, and law enforcement agents who confront the life-and-death consequences of a broken immigration system.