Pierrot Le Fou

1965. 110 min. Drama/Crime. NR


Michigan Theater - Screening Room Tue, Nov 12, 2019 7:30 PM
Part of the Les Femmes Essentielles film series
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Plays Tuesday, November 12 at 7:30 PM -- Part of the Les Femmes Essentielles film series

Ferdinand (Jean-Paul Belmondo), unhappily married and recently fired from his job, abandons his family and runs off to the Riviera with the enigmatic Marianne (Anna Karina). Ferdinand, whom Marianne calls “Pierrot,” tries to find artistic fulfillment between bouts of criminal adventure, but keeps getting entangled in Marianne’s violent life. From Director Jean-Luc Godard

Presented in French with English subtitles
Anna Karina left Denmark at age 18 to pursue a modeling career in Paris. She turned down a supporting role in Breathless, but accepted the lead in Godard's second feature, Le Petit Soldat. They married the following year and their cinematic collaboration continued with six more features. When not working with Godard, Karina appeared in a variety of other films, including Visconti's The Stranger, Vadim's La Ronde, and Jacques Rivette's controversial La Religieuse. In Pierrot Le Fou, her sixth collaboration with Godard, she plays the femme fatale role to its Godardian extreme: murdering, luring, seducing, abandoning, or playing the damsel-in-distress, all contributing to the unraveling sanity of her partner on-the-run, played with effortless cool by Jean-Paul Belmondo.