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2019. Documentary. 80 min. NR.
Monday, Sep 23, 2019 7:00 PM
Not a Michigan & State Theatre-sponsored film. Gold Cards are not admitted free.
Plays Mon. Sep. 23 at 7:00 PM at the Michigan. Presented by Urban Rider Cargo Bikes.

On her quest for a deeper connection in an increasingly isolated and digital world, director Liz Canning found an answer in cargo bikes. MOTHERLOAD shares this experience while exploring sustainability, consumption, and how something as simple as a bike can reshape ideas about transportation and freedom.

MOTHERLOAD looks at the origins of the bicycle, its rise to popularity and profound social impact—particularly on the lives of women. With indisputable joy, Canning approaches her newfound passion as a former competitive cyclist, a feminist, and a mother, stressing how empowering becoming a part of the global movement to replace cars with bikes can be. The result is a fascinating and personal look at the conflict between the accelerating pace
of modern life and the human need for connection to our bodies, communities and the natural world.
Special Pre-Film Presentation!

Heather Seyfarth, of The Treeline project, Chris Simmons, of GetDowntown, and Executive Director Susan Pollay, of Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority will present on their respective infrastructure projects.

MOTHERLOAD TRAILER #2 from Liz Canning on Vimeo.

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General Admission Adult - $10.50
General Admission Student/Senior/Veteran - $8.50

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