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Ticket Credit 4-Pack
4-Pack Ticket Credits are redeemable for up to 4 regular Cinetopia screenings! You can redeem them for four tickets to one film, one ticket to four films, or anything in between. When you purchase a 4-Pack, the tickets are credited to your user account (so make sure you sign up for one!)

To select films for redemption, you must be logged into your account. You can sign in here. When you select films, choose your ticket quantities in the "Ticket Pack Redemption" option. your account will keep track of how many tickets you have left to redeem.

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   2019 4-Pack - Non-Member $45.00  

Please note: You must complete the purchase of the 4-pack before you can go back in and redeem film tickets. Ticket packs must be redeemed for film tickets for admission--the ticket pack credit alone does not count for admission.

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