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Movies 101: Session 2: Sound

Sound. In the beginning, movies only had sound in the form of musical accompaniment provided in the theater. Since then, recorded sound has become an indispensable part of movies. In this session, we will consider how music, speech, and sound effects can be used to add meaning to the images on the screen. Our examples will be drawn from Alien, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and The Passenger. After the lecture, we recommend watching Singing in the Rain.

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Thu, May 14 10:00 AM
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Movies 101: Session 4: Narrative Structure

While we often expect the action of films to unfold in chronological order, there are many other possibilities. In our final session, we will look at various components of film narrative and how they can be manipulated to create anticipation, tension, and resolution. Our examples will be drawn from Casablanca, Bonnie & Clyde, L'Avventura, and (500) Days of Summer. After the lecture, we recommend watching Vertigo.

Available to rent anytime.
Thu, May 14 10:00 AM
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The Ten Commandments (1923)

Presented with organ accompaniment from Andrew Rogers!

33 years before Director Cecil B. DeMille cast Charlton Heston for his 1956 religious epic that has aired on television every Easter Sunday for decades, he made made this silent version of the biblical tale starring Theodore Roberts as Moses, The Lawgiver, in a film that recreates the biblical story of the Exodus as well as tells a modern story concerning two brothers and their respective views of the Ten Commandments.

Lauded for its "immense and stupendous" scenes, use of Technicolor process 2, and parting of the Red Sea sequence, the expensive film proved to be a box-office hit upon release. It is the first in DeMille's biblical trilogy, followed by The King of Kings (1927) and The Sign of the Cross (1932).

The Ten Commandments is one of many works from 1923 that entered the public domain in the United States in 2019.

Available to rent anytime.
Mon, May 18 10:00 AM
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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with Live Organ Accompaniment

Join Head Organist Andrew Rodgers as he plays an original score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on the Michigan Theater’s Barton Organ!

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a 1920 German silent horror film, directed by Robert Wiene and written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer. Considered the quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema, it tells the story of an insane hypnotist (Werner Krauss) who uses a somnambulist (Conrad Veidt) to commit murders. The film features a dark and twisted visual style, with sharp-pointed forms, oblique and curving lines, structures and landscapes that lean and twist in unusual angles, and shadows and streaks of light painted directly onto the sets.

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Mon, May 18 12:00 PM
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Movies 101: Session 1: Mise-en-Scene

Mise-en-Scene is a term that refers to everything in the implied world of the film. This includes people, costumes, sets, props, lighting, some sound, color and the way these elements are viewed through the camera’s lenses as it moves about. We will look at various approaches to mise-en-scene including selections from The Bicycle Thieves, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Double Indemnity, Moulin Rouge, and more. Following the lecture, we recommend watching Casablanca.

Available to rent anytime.
Sun, May 24 9:00 AM
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Memorial Day Organ Concert 2020

You can watch or simply listen to this previously recorded LIVE organ performance by our head organist, Andrew Rogers. We are delighted to bring a 45 minute program of music from the Michigan’s fully-restored Barton organ to you at home via YouTube! Expect to hear a variety of classics like “Rhapsody In Blue” and “Cherokee” and some patriotic favorites like “God Bless America.” Like a typical pre-show before a film at the Michigan, the music will be varied and, hopefully, bring a smile to your faces.

Available to rent anytime.
Wed, Jun 3 9:00 AM
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The Motions of Stillness

An original film and score by musician and our Technical Director, Jared Van Eck! Read his film summary below:

All footage was shot on April 15, 2020, in a downtown nature preserve on a cold snowy day in Ann Arbor, MI – 24 days into our COVID-19 stay-at-home order. During this time in which our old normal continues to disappear and we must all embrace this current unknown, I hope this film brings its viewers a peaceful meditation space. By slowing down shots and blending in an original electronic score with nature’s natural sounds, my aim is to encourage the viewer to equally still them self, focus on deep breaths, and reflect on the simple beauty of falling snow.

Available to rent anytime.
Fri, Jun 5 12:00 PM
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One Day After Peace

Can the means used to resolve the conflict in South Africa be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? As someone who experienced both conflicts firsthand, Robi Damelin wonders about this. Born in South Africa during the apartheid era, she later lost her son, who was serving with the Israeli Army reserve in the Occupied Territories. At first she attempted to initiate a dialogue with the Palestinian who killed her child. When her overtures were rejected, she embarked on a journey back to South Africa to learn more about the country's Truth and Reconciliation Committee's efforts in overcoming years of enmity. Robi's thought-provoking journey leads from a place of deep personal pain to a belief that a better future is possible. In English and Hebrew with English subtitles.
Fri, Jul 3 9:00 AM
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Transkids sheds light on the personal and social effects of youth gender reassignment in present-day Israel. It examines the challenges faced by adolescents and their families during the complex yet delicate process of gender transitioning, which entails many fateful and irreversible courses of action. Adolescence years are commonly, and naturally charged. The gender transformation is not the only challenge in these teenagers lives; common issues, events, and dilemmas that apply to most teenagers are always in the background. In Hebrew with English subtitles
Fri, Jul 17 9:00 AM
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Suzi Q

Before Suzi Quatro burst on the music world in 1973, there were almost no women in rock, and absolutely none who played bass and sang lead vocals and led the band and rocked out and reached millions of people around the world, re-writing the rule book for the expected image of women in rock & roll. Singer, songwriter, bass player, bandleader, actress, radio-presenter, poet – there is only one Suzi Q, the pint-sized, leather-clad rocker who has sold more than 50 million records and in 2019 released a new album, celebrating 53 years as a working musician. FEATURING : ALICE COOPER, DEBORAH HARRY, TINA WEYMOUTH, CHERIE CURRIE, KATHY VALENTINE, KT TUNSTALL, DON POWELL, HENRY WINKLER, ANDY SCOTT, DONITA SPARKS, WENDY JAMES, JOAN JETT, CLEM BURKE, PATTI QUATRO, LITA FORD, JOHN NORWOOD FISHER, CHRIS FRANZ, MIKE CHAPMAN, TOBY MAMIS, RODNEY BINGENHEIMER, LEN TUCKEY
Fri, Jul 24 9:00 AM
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AAFF Presents: Serpentarius

Presented at this year's Ann Arbor Film Festival. Free screening! An unknown tragedy wipes out a South American town where an unnamed traveler journeys through the post-apocalyptic African landscape to find his mother. SERPENTARIUS opens with a short introduction about the director's life offering up the narrative that this is both a personal and existential journey. The film transcends time and space and brings questions of colonialism, death, and existence to the forefront.
Wed, Aug 5 9:00 AM
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Penny Stamps Speaker Series Online

Live Events Suspended, Series Continues Online

To limit the potential spread of respiratory viruses and safeguard those at highest risk of catching COVID-19, the University of Michigan has canceled all live events with estimated attendance of over 100 people.

As a result, live Penny Stamps Speaker Series events will not take place as scheduled. When possible, our weekly presentations will be available online: Here.

Select past lectures can be viewed: Here
Thu, Aug 6 5:10 PM
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Cinetopia Presents: A2 Tech Film Showcase

A diverse, thought provoking short film showcase, brought to you by Ann Arbor’s tech community. In 2018, a group of creatives based in the heart of Ann Arbor’s flourishing tech community made something cool happen. A short film showcase—non-juried—that challenged filmmakers to think outside of the box with diverse perspectives. In 2020, the showcase is continuing to evolve.
Sat, Aug 29 12:01 AM
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The Fab Faux: Imagine: The Music of John Lennon

Re-scheduled for September 18 at 8:00 PM - original tickets for the Friday, May 29 at 8:00 PM date will remain valid

The Fab Faux with The Hogshead Horns, The Creme Tangerine Strings & The Nutopian Choir perform IMAGINE: THE MUSIC OF JOHN LENNON solo years and with The Beatles

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles).

Fri, Sep 18 8:00 PM
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