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Idiocracy (with Cast Q&A)
2006 | Comedy | 84 min | R
Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016 9:45 PM
Featuring a livestream Q&A with the cast and crew!
Plays Tuesday, October 4 at 9:30 PM at the Michigan.

Includes live-streamed Q&A with IDIOCRACY director, Mike Judge, and cast, including Maya Rudolph, following the screening!

Ten years ago, satirist Mike Judge told of an impossible future in which our collective intelligence had dropped so low it threatened to destroy the world. In this future, America was run by a corrupt, sociopathic former pro-wrestler with severe anger management issues, and the most popular entertainment in the land was a YouTube-esque video playlist called “Ow My Balls.”

Flash forward to today. We are approaching the end of the most bizarre, absurdist presidential campaign in U.S. history. Over the past months, thousands have questioned in social media whether IDIOCRACY was actually a documentary. Mike Judge’s sadly prescient film has transcended its cult classic status to become a vibrant and essential facet of this election conversation.
The Alamo Drafthouse, along with the network of Arthouse Convergence Theaters and the League of Women Voters want to invite everyone to revisit and rediscover IDIOCRACY on the eve of the 2016 presidential election.

The cast and crew of IDIOCRACY will be live in person at the Aero in Santa Monica on October 4th for a screening of IDIOCRACY and post-movie conversation.

Concurrent IDIOCRACY screenings will also take place at Alamo Drafthouse locations and Arthouse Convergence theaters across the country and the post-movie conversation will be live streamed to those audiences.

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Admission Veterans/Active Duty - $8.00
Admission Child (under 12) - $8.00

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